Curriculum Vitae

I am emeritus professor at the HvA University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, and emeritus professor at the University of Amsterdam. My research and teaching focuses on ‘Digital Life’: how can IT be used in our daily lives and on ‘Ambient robotics’: the role of robots in that.

1981: M.Sc., Delft University of Technology
1986: Ph.D. Delft University of Technology
1986-1988: Postdoct Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA
1989-2010: Associate professor, University of Amsterdam
2004-2020: Lector ‘Digital Life’, HvA University of Applied Science
2010-2014: Scientific director ‘Create-IT’
2011-2019: Professor by special appointment ‘Ambient Robotics’, University of Amsterdam
2019-2020: Chair of Platform Applied ICT Reseach (PRIO)
2020-current: CEO of Hipper Therapeutics

From 1995 till now I supervised 11 Ph.D. theses, on topics as neural networks, visual robot navigation, distributed camera surveillance, human-robot interaction and applications in eHealth. On the work in distributed camera surveillance I have a patent, and a product is being developed. The research on applications in eHealth have led to the company Hipper Therapeutics. 

The last years of my scientific life I had a position as ‘lector’ at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, which is an institute for higher professional education. I led a group in the Computer Science department on the topic of ‘Digital Life’ . Furthermore I was scientific director of the ‘CreateIT Research Centre’ which is responsible for the applied research activities of the School for Communication, Media and ICT.

Currently I focus on the company Hipper Therapeutics (see the blog)